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Tactfully Telling a Scranton Sign Company you don't Like the Results

Working with a Scranton sign company can help you to obtain exactly what you want. However, that isn't always the case. You have to learn to speak up and to fully communicate with them. Let them know what you like and what you don't. If you accept something you aren't happy with, there is no changing it once it is printed.

You will either have to use those signs as they are or you will have to pay to get them done again elsewhere. Neither solution is one you really want to have to worry about with your business. The best course of action is to really get to know the sign company and to work with them in a professional manner.

You can tactfully tell them you don't like the designs they are coming up with. Perhaps you have something specific in mind and they just aren't grasping it. Try to show them pictures of what you like. It may be something you saw but you want it customized to fit your business. By showing them what you have in mind they can take it from there and get creative.

When they show you the designs they have come up with, don't be hostile and don't lose your temper. Thank them for the work that went into it, and then let them know those options just aren't what you had in mind. Go through the options they give you and let them know what you do like and what you don't.

Based on that information, the Scranton sign company can make modifications. Most of the designs offered these days are done on a computer software program. This means they can make changes in very little time. Then you can sit down and look at them again.

It doesn't make you difficult to work with if you aren't happy with what they present to you. It doesn't make them a bad company to work with either. The communication flow between you is what can help to get all of those rough areas smoothed over. If they aren't willing to work with you though it may be best to end the relationship and move on. If they seem willing to do anything it takes, be patient and give them the chance to redeem themselves to you.

It is important to get started on your needs with a sign company very early. Don't wait until it is crunch time to look at things. You don't want to be stuck in a position where you don't like things but you are out of time. Give them the time they need and the opportunity to make changes you will be happy with.,

If you just can't come to a good outcome with the Scranton sign company, cut your losses. You don't owe them any money for proofs they created and you didn't approve. You have the opportunity to go find another provider who can get you exactly what you need for your business signage.

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