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Pot Seed: What Will Happen Next?

Today there is a very common argument in the marijuana using community which is Pot Seed vs. regular marijuana seeds. This is your basic Pepsi vs. Coke argument as both sides of this argument use a great product. There are many differences between the two types of seeds and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The regular to Pot Seed is the original and as many argue the most efficient seed for a person to grow for their personal use. Some of the pros for the regular marijuana seed are: it produces a very potent product, it does not have a problem adapting, and you don't have to worry about the seed having too many complications.

The regular marijuana seed produces many of the strains of Pot Seed that are used in high demand today as its THC content can be much higher than an auto growing seed. It has also been shown that regular marijuana seeds do not have a problem adapting if your humidity or heat is slightly off in your grow room.

These seeds may not look as pretty when they produce a seed but the effectiveness of your product will not be compromised. Another advantage of the regular plant is as long as it is in a good pot and has good soil the seed itself should not become sick or wilt as it is a very tough seed and plant.

The auto growing seed also known as auto flowering is named so because of its ability to basically grow through anything. The auto flowering seed does not need a light transformation to induce flowering, instead it can be under light up to 24 hours a day and will still flower on its own. The auto growing marijuana seed is just beginning to take over now that it is being engineered to be more potent.

This seed has a much faster grow time and flower harvest than the regular to buy marijuana seeds for sale but the plant is not nearly as large. The Pot Seed is also a sort of advantage. Some of the regular marijuana seeds can grow into massive seeds that can basically take up a whole grow room or even grow too large for a person to want to grow indoors.

A Pot Seed is convenient in its size and you can basically pile a maximum amount of auto flowering plants into your grow room without having to worry about them overcrowding or becoming sick as easily. An auto grow plant will not need you to care for it nearly as much as a regular seed but if you have the time to care for a regular marijuana seed the extra yield from the harvest might be much worth the extra time and care.

You should always think wisely when deciding between auto grow, and Pot Seed but both seeds should be able to find a place in your inventory. No matter which seed is your preference, with a little time and care you should always be able to have a great harvest. Get from bs. You have read, Pot Seed: What Will Happen Next?.
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