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Shipping Questions For Adult Sex Toys

Compare prices when it comes to buying adult sex toys from adult toy stores, but don't forget about the shipping costs that may apply too from adult toy stores. You don't want to save on the actual items and then be charged a ridiculous amount for them to be shipped to you.

Find out where items are shipping from to help you determine how long it will take for them to arrive from adult toy stores. If they are in another country, it is going to take several weeks longer than buying from a site offering them in the country where you reside.

Discreet packaging and shipping should always be part of the deal when you buy adults products online from adult toy stores. Don't assume this though, read through the materials and make sure they do offer items sent in a plain box without anything to identify where it is coming from. This is for your own privacy.

Many sites offer free shipping on adult toys from adult toy stores so look for them. You may need to buy a certain amount of items in terms of overall cost to save on the shipping. You can also look for promo codes to enter at checkout which provide free shipping.

There may be several shipping options to think about when you buy such items online from adult toy stores. If you want your items overnight, it will cost more to ship than with standard processing. With that in mind, try to place your orders early if you need them by a specific time as a gift or for a special occasion.

Always buy your adult sex toys from a site offering a tracking number so you are able to find out where your product is. You should get an email confirmation when it is shipped along with your tracking details. In addition to a tracking number, it should provide you with the name of the carrier.

With this information, you can easily open up the website for that carrier. Copy and paste the tracking details into the right field and it will tell you all you need to know. Each time a package goes through various locations, it gets scanned. This allows you to see where it has been along the route including the date and time. It should also have an estimated delivery time for you to get an idea of when the package will arrive.

If the package hasn't moved for a few days, contact the carrier and find out what is going on. If it says delivered but you didn't get it, you need to contact them immediately. Use this tracking information to help you stay on top of what is taking place with your package.

Make sure you know the policy for returns are with any sex toys from adult toy stores. Most of them are very limited about the types of products you can return or exchange. If the packaging has been opened then it can't be sent back for safety reasons. You may have to pay for the return shipping. Others provide a convenient pre-paid label.

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